WorkCover QLD & Insurance Claims

WorkCover QLD & Insurance Claims

Restore your livelihood and confidence to contribute with our return to work treatment plans.

If you’ve been recently injured at work, you may be covered for Exercise Physiology treatment as part of a WorkCover QLD claim or CTP Insurance claim. In the case of a workplace or community-based injury, it is imperative to access the best care possible to optimise your recovery chances and return to your work and livelihood as soon as  possible.

With our personalised focus, we will discover more about your injury history and the time frames involved with your return to work. We will then support and guide you to both overcome your injury and improve your strength and conditioning levels to support a swift return to full function.

Speak with your WorkCover QLD or Insurance Case Manager to discover if an Exercise Physiologist can be a part of your return to work care. As part of WorkCover QLD’s guidelines, you are eligible for up to twenty minutes of consultation time with an Exercise Physiologist prior to approval from your insurer. Additional services thereafter require prior approval.


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