Meet The Team


As a team we get great satisfaction from helping our patients move away from pain to a state of greater health and well-being. We love to empower and educate our patients to better understand their health concerns and re-discover energy and vitality.

Luke Rabone

Director/Exercise Physiologist

Luke graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast back in 2008 with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, and gained his Exercise Physiologist accreditation in early 2011. He has been the Owner and Director of Restart since 2012. Having been an EP for over 10 years, he continues to get a thrill from meeting with patients who seek greater understanding of their injury or health condition and provide them with practical tools to better their quality of life through exercise and movement.

A great example of this problem solving was when he assisted a 67-year old retired motor mechanic to overcome chronic neck pain over a two-month treatment period. Not only was reducing pain important for the patient’s physical and mental well-being, it also enabled him to continue providing mechanic services to his family, providing him with a sense of purpose and value to his loved ones.

Away from work, Luke loves to read non-fiction books, take his dogs Clover and Lewy for a run, watch his beloved team Aston Villa play, and plan for his next travel adventure.

Tom Creevey

Exercise Physiologist

Tom graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology from the Queensland University of Technology in 2021. After discovering his interest for cardiovascular rehabilitation, Tom underwent further training in the role of Cardiac Scientist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Tom is passionate about providing personalised and evidence-based exercise interventions for the prevention and management of heart and lung diseases. Whilst this is his area of interest, Tom takes pride in helping patients to optimise their quality of life and reach their goals, regardless of their health status.

Tom believes in a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing the biological, social, and environmental factors that underlie the cause, manifestation, and outcome of wellness and disease. Tom has seen great success working with patients, including positive outcomes on pain, physical and mental function, breathlessness, and chest pain.

Outside of work, Tom enjoys working on his own physical and mental health through exercise, spending time in nature, being with friends and family, or getting lost in a good book.

Seth Browne

Exercise Physiologist

Seth graduated from The Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2022. During this time, Seth was afforded the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people and conditions, whereby he discovered his passion for mental health, particularly when working with adolescents. Seth has worked within clinics that specialise in musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation and volunteered his own time to be a part of the North Lakes Diabetes and Healthy Kidneys Program.

Seth values creating a supportive environment for all his patients by building strong relationships and being present as not only a practitioner but a friend. It has shown in his work that having a strong connection with the people he works with, results in an overall better experience. He gains great satisfaction in achieving positive outcomes on overall health and wellbeing for each of his patients.

When Seth is not working you will often find him on the golf course, in the gym or supporting his favourite AFL team, the Geelong Cats. Seth always ensures that he makes time for his friends and family as he strongly believes a good work life balance is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Nicola Simpson

Exercise Physiologist

Nicola graduated from the University of Queensland in 2018 with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science majoring in Exercise Physiology. During her time as an EP Nicola has developed a keen interest in injury and chronic pain management, and women’s health. She particularly enjoys working with people with knee, back and shoulder pain, endometriosis, and pre- and post-natal care. She has worked with many patients to help achieve their goals, reduce pain and improve functionality. Nicola believes in treating the person, not the condition.

A success story reflecting Nicola’s expertise is when she assisted a patient with chronic lower back and shoulder pain to progress from being unable to lift any object without pain, to deadlifting 70kg pain-free in 2 months.

In her spare time Nicola enjoys beach volleyball, playing board games with her friends and going hiking

Nicholas Del Monte

Exercise Physiologist

Nick recently completed his Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology from ACU in Sydney’s inner west. He owned and operated his own Personal Training business during his studies and enjoyed the aspect of using the clinical theory he learnt during his degree to assist in the practical application of health services for his clientele.

Nick has a passion for helping his patients look and feel great. Having worked with countless individuals in achieving their ideal body, he believes treating the individual before the condition is paramount for long-term success.

When not at work Nick loves to watch and play basketball, or cook up a storm. He considers himself to be ever-approachable and always keen for a chat. Being new to Brisbane he looks forward to spending his downtime exploring the city!