Success Stories


Our desire as a team to help those seeking support to improve their quality of life shows no signs of letting up.
Additionally, we’ve been lucky enough to help many amazing patients over the years, some of which have been kind enough to share their wins below.

“My mother-in-law, Yvonne has been attending one-on-one Hydrotherapy sessions with Luke since November 2016 and has experienced significant relief from the sciatic pain that she’s had for over 20 years.

Luke’s expertise and very caring manner has shown positive results, both physically and mentally for her, as she looks forward to her weekly sessions. His wonderful rapport with Yvonne enables her to benefit from the physical therapy as well as valuable social interaction, which is important with her dementia. We’ve appreciated Luke’s learned input regarding her general health and ideas for further improvement.

We look forward to continuing this very positive relationship with Luke and I have no hesitation in recommending Restart Exercise Physiology for everyone who could benefit with a personalised one-on-one service.”


“Working with Luke has been such an amazingly positive experience for me.  I was referred to Luke to rehabilitate what has been a chronic knee issue for me for over six years. Luke has such a calm, yet confident demeanour about him, that I felt instantly comfortable and confident from the outset.  In our first session, Luke took me through a raft of exercises to establish a baseline of my movement and associated pain levels.  This then allowed us to set a firm goal of what I wanted to achieve in terms of improvement.

Luke started me off with gentle movements and exercises, but paid close attention to how I was managing with and responding to the sessions. This allowed him to continually update and adjust my program based on how I was progressing, gradually increasing the intensity. He taps into the things that motivate me (completing a challenge; beating my own times etc) and uses these to ensure I get the most out each session.

What I most appreciate about Luke’s approach is how he explains everything to me in detail. What I should be feeling with each exercise, which muscles should be engaging, a little bit of theory behind everything. Again, this suits my style as I like to learn as much as I can while physically challenging myself in my rehab.

All of this has led to awesome results for me!!  I recently re-tested my movement and pain levels compared to the baseline from my first session.  In less than six months, I have made amazing progress.  I honestly couldn’t have got there without Luke!”

NIKKI – 42

“My experiences with exercise physiology through Restart following two bouts of treatment has me telling all my friends with sports injuries to give them a go.

Recently my knee became extremely painful while training for the 60km Oxfam Trailwalker event, to the point I was unable to walk on flat ground or down stairs. I tried Physiotherapy for around 8 weeks and while it alleviated the initial pain somewhat, I could still only walk about 4kms before searing pain set in. I wish I had contacted Restart earlier, as it took only a few sessions before I noticed a big difference.

I went from being able to walk just 4 kms pain free and feeling convinced I’d have to pull out of the event, to 60 kms pain free which I walked in good time and finished with knees that could still do a happy jig!

Luke has helped me to overcome two separate injuries thorough accurate assessment and intervention, with the added bonus of genuine, supportive, and friendly conversation along the way!”

RENAE – 41

“I had a consultation with Duncan, an Exercise Physiologist from Restart Exercise Physiology as part of my induction with a local gym. Whilst I was aware my shoulder was sore, Duncan identified a specific issue and considered it would be beneficial for me to undergo rehabilitation.

Since commencing the rehab conducted at my gym I have noticed a gradual but defined improvement in the injury.

As part of my treatment, Duncan allocates specific exercises that I complete at home. Each session Duncan is able to point out areas that are improving and areas that may require more work.

I find Duncan easy-going and approachable and knowledgeable in his subject matter.”

GARY – 46

“I began sessions with Luke some months ago. I have Type 2 Diabetes and was keen to get my body moving and working well so that my HBA1C levels return to normal. My muscles were sore, (had bursitis and a torn tendon) and my body sluggish as I hadn’t exercised in a while.

I needed someone who would listen to my pain and to show me how to exercise in a healing way since all exercise was causing more pain. Motivation was at a very low level but I knew how important it is to exercise.

Luke actively listened to me. He responded by moving me forward with baby steps that I could easily manage, along with releasing and stretching exercises – these improving my balance and gait. He ensured that I was able to achieve what he was asking me to do so that I experienced success along the way.

I am now able to manage my ‘sore bits’ and feel motivated to exercise regularly. And my HBA1C is fantastic at 6.1 proving exercise is definitely a significant key in managing Type 2 Diabetes. Thank you Luke!”

BETSY – 64

“I have had long-term back pain that has not responded to rehabilitation in the past, and no longer wanted to continue relying on strong pain medication. At the suggestion of my GP I contacted Luke at Restart and asked what he had to offer: lots I found out.

Luke spent much time going over the history of my problem, medications and what has and hasn’t helped me, also helping me to set goals for my rehabilitation. When it was obvious that Stretching and mat based activities were causing more problems than help, he suggested hydrotherapy in the pool at Goodlife Carseldine. Luke took the time to listen to feedback my body was telling me and planned activities around this regularly adding something new. All was recorded as well as my feedback for future use. At times when I have struggled Luke has taken the time to ring me at home to check how things are working. Now I can say I am getting closer to the goals we set, three in particular.

1. I have significantly reduced my reliance on medication to recover from everyday activities.

2. My confidence has grown and I enjoy and undertake more activities that previously meant several days of severe pain.

3. Family and friends have commented on improvements to my disposition and posture.

I now work with another staff member Tom who has carried on the excellent work that Luke did. If you have long term pain that affects your life then you have nothing to lose but heaps to gain by trying the services offered by Restart.”

PAUL – 54

“At the age of 85 I was given the name of Restart by a friend. I decided to make enquiries and was told to go to my Doctor to get a referral to assess my eligibility to apply to join their exercise program. I did this and was accepted and started supervised exercise three times per week. The trainers are very professional and understand what exercises are best for each individual person. I am now 88 and my appointments have been reduced to once a week, as I have improved so much in my general movements and feel so much better health-wise.

A 10 week Balance Class, of which I am attending, is being held at the moment as an extra and I have found that it is really good for people of my age. I would highly recommend the Restart Exercise Program to keep fit in your twilight years.”


“I was referred to Restart Exercise Physiology by my GP and I am absolutely delighted with the difference this program has made to my wellbeing.

Having served as a frontline Soldier for 32 years both in war zones and peace time, I have several injuries as a result of my service. As such, I was increasingly visiting my Doctor and Physiotherapist with monotonous regularity. This was having a profound effect on my wellbeing and limiting my lifestyle.

Since undertaking this controlled exercise program conducted by these highly qualified Exercise Physiologists who have designed a program specifically tailored to my needs, I don’t have to visit my Doctor or Physiotherapist on a regular basis anymore and I can now enjoy a relatively normal and active lifestyle.”

DON – 66

“I went to Luke obese and with damaged back and legs from active war service. In my late 60s, I had all but given up on mobility but Luke went straight to work identifying and isolating specific disabilities. Four months later, 15 kilos lighter and much more mobile, my attitude to mobility has had a turn around. No longer do I say: “If I can’t get there in my V8 I’m not going.”

As a highly-trained Exercise Specialist, Luke has a strong anatomical knowledge, has learnt the moves and drills, but to motivate people to change their attitudes to life is a rare skill and Luke has it in spades.

Luke has changed my attitude and if you think yours needs changing then you need to talk to him.”

KEVIN – 66


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