Type 2 Diabetes Group Class

Type 2 Diabetes Group Class

A Medicare-subsidised group exercise and education class run by an Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator.

We understand that prioritising your health can be a challenge, especially in today’s fast-paced society.

This is why we have compiled experts in their fields, a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, along with ourselves as Exercise Physiologists, to create an holistic one-stop-shop ‘Type 2 Diabetes Exercise and Education Program’ to help you towards your Diabetes management and wellness goals.

Is this 8-week group service right for me?

Have you previously been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

Do you want to develop effective strategies to better manage your blood glucose levels?

Have you been alarmed to see a recent upturn in your HbA1C levels?

Do you have goals around reducing your Diabetes medication?

Are you seeking a supportive environment to leverage off the expertise of an Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator?

Expected outcomes from participating our program:

1. Reduced body fat, including reduced waist circumference;
2. Increased strength and lean muscle mass;
3. Favourable changes in blood sugar levels, resting blood pressure, and cholesterol markers.

Even though this is a group-based service, we will ensure a high degree of specificity to you and your individual needs. We will conduct an initial 1:1 assessment to quantity your suitability for the program, and discover baselines measures of:

1. Bodyweight, and body fat levels;
2. Waist circumference, waist to hip ratio, and girth measures;
3. Fasting blood glucose levels, and recent HbA1c score (if available);
4. Physical capacity, including upper and lower-body strength, walking endurance and balance.

Costs associated with the program include

• 45-minute initial appointment, priced at $97.95 (Medicare subsidise $74.40, leaving an out-of-pocket gap fee of $23.55)
• 8x group services (to be shared across three practitioners – Exercise Physiology, Dietetics and Diabetes Education), priced at $32.20 (Medicare subsidise $18.55, leaving an out-of-pocket gap fee of $13.65).

Important note

This group service is aside from the five 1:1 appointments you may have already used this calendar year.

What to do next?

1. Download and print the attached pre-filled referral (click here) for ‘Group Allied Health Services under Medicare’ for patients with Type 2 Diabetes,
2. Speak to your GP about referring you to our next Type 2 Diabetes Exercise and Education Program, and request they complete the above form,
3. Send your completed referral to carseldine@restartexphys.com.au, and call 1300 899 757 to discover when our next program is to commence.

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