Department of Veteran Affairs

Exercise Physiology and the Department of Veteran Affairs

Are you an ex-Servicemen seeking care to better manage your service related injuries and health conditions?

Are you a DVA card holding war widow requiring assistance to maintain health and independence?

If you have a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) health card/veteran card – either Gold Card, Totally & Permanently Incapacitated (Gold TPI), or White Card – DVA will fund exercise physiology services to meet your clinical needs.

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As Medicare-recognised Allied Health Practitioners, our skills as Exercise Physiologists can guide you through the difficult process of understanding your injury or health condition following your service history. Our team will develop a treatment plan with you that outlines frequency of appointments and details how we intend to assist you into the future. Our objective is to help you independently manage your health condition through the most appropriate exercise plan.

To date, we’ve helped over 280 ex-Servicemen and War Widows reduce their joint pain and improve their health and quality of life through personalised health care plans.

If you’re eligible for the program and want to get started with an Exercise Physiologist, speak with your GP to organise a D904 referral. This referral outlines your referred clinical conditions, and can be addressed to Restart at either our Carseldine, Chermside or Norman Park clinic.



“I went to Luke obese and with damaged back and legs from active war service. In my late 60s, I had all but given up on mobility but Luke went straight to work identifying and isolating specific disabilities. Four months later, 15 kilos lighter and much more mobile, my attitude to mobility has had a turn around. No longer do I say: “If I can’t get there in my V8 I’m not going.”  As a highly-trained Exercise Specialist, Luke has a strong anatomical knowledge, has learnt the moves and drills, but to motivate people to change their attitudes to life is a rare skill and Luke has it in spades. Luke has changed my attitude and if you think yours needs changing then you need to talk to him.” 

Kev – 66

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