Gateway to Foot Freedom

Do you find yourself rubbing your sore feet after a long day in compressive, rigid footwear?

Are your toes scrunched together? Is your big toe angling towards your second toe?

Are you resentful of spending hundreds of dollars on orthotics year after year?

Do you get a sense that your knee, hip or back pain may be a symptom of weak feet and ankles?

At Restart we advocate for Vivo Barefoot shoes – a type of barefoot, or minimal-style shoe designed by two UK-based seventh-generation cobblers. The Vivo Barefoot shoe is designed to support your foot’s natural shape and function by having attributes that differ from a ‘conventional’ or traditional shoe (more can be read on this by clicking here to read our blog titled Why Strong Feet Matter).

Vivo Barefoot Brisbane

Due to our Wholesale Partnership with Vivo Barefoot retailer Sole Distribution, Restart is one of a few locations in Brisbane where you can try a pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes prior to purchase. Due to their unique feel, it is important to try a pair on to not only discover the right size and fit for you and your unique foot, but to feel their amazing benefits first-hand.

“I recently purchased a pair of Vivo Primus Lites in sky blue which look very cool!
The amazing feel is due to their lightness (recycled material) and ample toe room allowing the foot to move as though you are almost barefoot!
For the walking and gym work I do they are perfect.
Thanks Restart for introducing me to these feet-friendly shoes!”

Jeanette – 64

Vivos and recent research

Numerous studies have looked into how minimal footwear can restore our foot’s strength and function. A 2021 study by Curtis and colleagues titled Daily activity in minimal footwear increases foot strength discovered that ‘wearing minimal shoes for six months, even for non-intensive daily activities, increases toe flexion strength by 57.4% in a general population’. Toe flexion is of course important for daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, maintaining balance, squatting and standing on toes to reach top shelves.

A February 2023 study by Wearing et al discovered measurable improvements in foot posture (used to quantify the degree to which a foot is pronated, neutral or supinated) and single-leg balance in a group that wore minimal shoes in just four weeks!

“After almost 3 years of temptation, I finally bought my first pair of Vivos. Since then, I’ve found my foot strength improve and experience less pain and more mobility during workouts.
They took a little getting used to – I started wearing them every 2nd or 3rd day at the gym to begin with. Now I wear them every time I exercise, even on long walks with my pups.
It was easy to go through Restart because I could physically try the shoes on to get the right fit before committing to the purchase. I highly recommend!”

Laura – 29

Try Vivos today

If you would like to upgrade your foot care game and try a pair of Vivos, contact 1300 899 757 or make a no-fee 15-minute booking at our Carseldine clinic here.

We are confident that once you feel how comfortable Vivos are; how they provide space for your toes to splay and activate; and how they allow your foot to reconnect with the ground beneath you, you won’t want to go back to wearing any other shoe.