Restart’s Niche Market

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At the time of writing, unbelievably 2016 is approaching it’s half-way point. A month can come and go almost in the blink of an eye, but the importance of staying present and maximising each week, as well as projecting goals and expectations for both the short and long-term future is a crucial balance to effectively achieve.

Personally, I recently embarked on a business marketing course. I firmly believe that we have an amazing service to offer here at Restart; the current team dynamic is superb, we’re receiving more referrals than ever and applying our skills and experience to more people than ever, and achieving some incredible client results. The scope for improvement in every aspect of what we do is always there, and refining our marketing material as Restart evolves is an ever-present challenge.

As part of phase one of the marketing course, the importance of establishing a target niche market was highlighted. One of my favourite aspects of my profession is how large our scope is; one appointment I may be helping a 15 year old functionally strengthen in sport specific situations, the next appointment assisting a 90 year old to improve balance and maintain bone mineral density. The variety in an average day’s ‘work’ is very stimulating and provides great job satisfaction! However, establishing an ‘ideal client’ and honing in on a target niche market has specific benefits, as without knowing this information can lead to a somewhat scattergun approach to marketing.

Recent referral trends have lead to the realisation that Restart’s niche market is as follows:

Restart specialise in providing musculoskeletal rehabilitation to both males and females aged forty to sixty. Sufferers of bone, muscle or joint pain; people who pursue successful careers but realise the need for additional self-care as their bodies are almost overnight ‘not as young as they used to be’; people who now have an empty nest, are planning towards retirement and understand that a healthy, functional and pain-free body is our greatest asset; people who want to restore vitality and overcome annoying lower back pain, and recognise that specialist assistance is required; people who have unwittingly created a sedentary lifestyle, but know that they want more from life!

Targeting this niche population does not mean that we will not prescribe to clients both younger and older than this age group, as we have and will continue to have a very healthy group of retirees in the 65+ age category who benefit greatly from regular personalised exercise physiology treatment. However moving forward, as a group of health professionals we see great potential in the aforementioned niche market, and believe implementing measures to tailor our marketing efforts towards this group can have great benefits for all involved.

Yours in exercise, movement and health.