Our 2023 Highlight Reel 📸

Do you ever feel as if you’re repeating yourself these days…?

“Wow, is it December already!?”

“I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone.”

“Time just flies by quicker year after year.”

The year of 2023 can be considered a successful one for Restart – 269 new patients onboarded and with it many new relationships forged, additional to continuing to support our existing patients, some which go back as far as 2011; our best year revenue-wise since 2019 (before the pandemic’s monumental impact on EVERYTHING); a new-look team, with Seth and Nick joining the ranks, and Nicola leaving, and then returning after her south-east Asia sabbatical.

The passing of yet another year led the team and I to look back on the past 12 months and reflect on the moments that have stood out – the highlights we’ll look back on in the future and recall what stood out for each of us in the year 2023.

We’d love to share these with you as we close in on Christmas and a well-deserved fortnight of RnR 🎅🏼

Luke’s 2023 Highlight

Back in May my partner Laura and I made a very last minute decision to fly to the UK to celebrate my Nan’s 90th birthday. It was a whirlwind week – flights to London booked Thursday morning, our flight Friday morning, a Saturday morning arrival at Heathrow, and Nan’s birthday on the Sunday.

What followed was a very special two weeks surrounded by my extended family based throughout the Midlands in England. It was particularly great to spend some time with Nan having not seen her for over 7 years, as well as catch-up with uncles, aunties and cousins.

Laura and I were able to do some sight-seeing too, visited numerous castles, spent a few days in the ancient city of York, enjoyed a day-trip to Knaresborough (which was like stepping back to Victorian times), saw my beloved Aston Villa play in their final game of the season (and win!), and did the touristy things in London (including visiting my old place in Fulham from my stint living there in 2015/2016), before flying back home and getting straight back to work!

Visiting Warwick Castle with the Rabones


The ancient York Minster.


A beautiful day in Knaresborough, a spa town in Yorkshire.


A dream day at fortress Villa Park!


Tom’s 2023 Highlights

When I look back on the year it’s hard to pinpoint one single moment that stands out as being the highlight of the year. However, I look back fondly on time spent connecting, laughing, and enjoying the company of my family, partner, and friends. Equally as important, I spent more time connecting with myself, understanding the inner workings of my thoughts and emotions.

A funny memory that comes to mind was standing in line with mates about to ride Australia’s steepest and fastest rollercoaster, shaking in my boots with fear. On the contrary, I felt completely relaxed when recovering in an outdoor spa at an apartment at the Gold Coast with my partner before going out to a rooftop bar and restaurant. A wholesome experience was catching up with my extended family and celebrating an early Christmas lunch. Finally, countless laughs on nights out with the boys always bring a smile when thinking back.

Early Xmas celebration with the family!

Seth’s 2023 Highlights

At the beginning of 2023 I was afforded the opportunity to travel to Whistler, Canada. Over the 2 week period I went snowboarding across the Whistler mountains, snowmobiling, and zip-lining. This was my second time snowboarding so I was able to work my way up to some advanced runs that were much more exciting and challenging.

I also got to eat and drink at several fantastic restaurants located around the Whistler village, whereby my sister and I kept the party going at a couple of nightclubs one evening. During these nights it was not uncommon to run into some fellow Aussies, or meet some new people from around the globe.

This was accompanied by plenty of trips to the spa, a relaxing massage or a trip to the hotel gym because even amongst the chaos of each day, it’s always fun to get a cheeky gym pump on. This trip was definitely the highlight of my year and I cant wait to explore more of the world.

Reaching top speeds on a Whistler blue run


Touring the mountains on a snow-mobile


Zip-lining in Whistler – great fun!

Nick’s 2023 Highlights

Earning my master’s degree in Exercise Physiology was a fulfilling journey that culminated in a profound sense of accomplishment and expertise in the field. The knowledge and practical skills acquired during my studies positioned me to contribute meaningfully to the health and well-being of individuals through exercise.

Simultaneously, this academic achievement coincided with a significant life transition – relocating interstate to live in an apartment that my partner and I had invested in a few years prior. The move was a testament to careful planning and commitment, and it seamlessly blended the professional milestones of completing my master’s program with the personal accomplishment of creating a home in a new location. The apartment, which we had chosen together, marked the beginning of a new chapter as we embraced the opportunities and challenges of living in a different part of the country.

My Masters Degree – lots of hard work to get this!


In action at Restart


Our apartment backyard in Norman Park

Nicola’s 2023 Highlights

My personal highlight for this year was backpacking through South-East Asia. I had some incredible experiences and met some amazing people along the way. One of my highlights of the trip was hiking through national parks in Thailand and Vietnam, Khao Sok and Phong Nha. Another highlight was the delicious food I ate throughout and managing to avoid food poisoning.

The experience has also made me very grateful to be able to live in Australia after seeing the way others live in third world countries and made me realise how much I take for granted, like being able to drink the tap water and having easy access to health care.

It was an unreal experience immersing myself in other cultures and I can’t wait to travel more in the coming years!

Cliff-jumping and cave swimming in Vietnam


Seafood pancake in Ho Chi Minh City.


Climbed 500 steps for a misty but spectacular view in Minh Binh, Vietnam.


Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand – featured on ‘The Beach’


We hope that you the reader have had your own memorable moments throughout 2023!

The team and I wish you an excellent Christmas – an opportunity to reflect on the year with family and friends, and make plans for a special 2024. We thank you for trusting each of us with assisting you towards your health, fitness and wellness goals, and are truly grateful for the opportunity to help!

We look forward to seeing you again at the clinic soon!

Best wishes,




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